90210 Voice Talent: Keeping it Real

We proudly represent a select group of talent who deliver the honest, genuine and conversational tone that producers seek for commercial voice work. We also have some wildly talented actors who bring fresh voices to animation, video games and other character-based projects. Need a comical narration? A dramatic manifesto with some gravitas? How about a trash-talking robot? We got 'em. Trained, skilled and as sane or crazy as you need them to be. Whether you're casting a project or interested in joining our roster, you can reach us at vo@90210talent.com.

Note: We're accepting new voice talent that is non-union, union, union-eligible, lives in the Los Angeles metro area and has home recording abilities. If that's you, please email us your MP3 demo(s) for consideration.

Christopher Alton
young, excited, announcer, narration
Krystal Alvarez
Victoria Antionette
Bev Bailey
Sandy Issa Balat
Karen Bankhead
Wendy Banks
Deana J Becker
Kurtis Bedford
Cait Bidwell
Andrew Boyle
Stirling Bradley
Emily Bridges
Franceli Chapman-Varela
Kelly Chavers
Ashley Monique Clark
Nick Coelius
Huntington Daly
Bill Devlin
Amanda Diaz
Emi Ellis
Brittney Escalante
Taylor Flowers
Bobby Foley
Mike Foy
Leanne Friedman
Soraya Garre
Carrie Gibson
quick witted, sarcastic, intelligent, peppy, animated, wry, edgy, comedic timing, dry, quirky, Nurturing. Ellen DeGeneres voice match.
James Thomas Gilbert
Jim Grollman
Valentina Guerra
Brent Gutierrez
Iyad Hajjaj
Can speak Arabic in different dialects .. English in a slight accent.
Heather Hiatt
Melissa Dawn Johnson
Carolyn Bridget Kennedy
Kang Kim
Sandy Kim
Curtis Kingsley
David Kuhlman
Steven G Lawrence
Robert McAtee
Cammie Middleton
Amanada Mikhail
Janessa Morgan
Chris Moss
Karen Musey
Nancy Nave
Graciela Patiño
Narrator of Audiobook romance novel Madison God's Fingerprint, 1.618
David Proffitt
Zachary Alexander Rice
Lashette Showers
Nadja Sofi
E-Kan Soong
Bailey Sorrel
Paige Tautz
Keir Thirus
Adam Weber
Lauren White
Roy Williams Jr
Tamir Yardenne