90210 Voice Talent: Keeping it Real

We proudly represent a select group of talent who deliver the honest, genuine and conversational tone that producers seek for commercial voice work. We also have some wildly talented actors who bring fresh voices to animation, video games and other character-based projects. Need a comical narration? A dramatic manifesto with some gravitas? How about a trash-talking robot? We got 'em. Trained, skilled and as sane or crazy as you need them to be. Whether you're casting a project or interested in joining our roster, you can reach us at vo@90210talent.com.

Note: We're only seeking new voice talent that is union or union-eligible, lives in the Los Angeles metro area and has home recording abilities. If that's you, please email us your MP3 demo(s) for consideration.

Sarah Alison
Victoria Antionette
Nellie Barnett
Susan Berkley
Danielle Marcelle Bond
Josh Brewster
Kevin Brueck
Brian Burnett
Anjuli Cain
Chrissy Cannone
Pete Capella
Raul Ceballos
Timothy Ryan Cole
Andrew Collie
Chris Cyronek
Cat Davis
Meyer deLeeuw
Michael Draper
Leilani Francisco
Keeshan Giles
Christopher Robert Gray
Josh Greene
Adam Grimes
Jeff Gritton
Josh Horowitz
Nate Johnson
Richardson Jones
David Jones
Diane Kelber
Rick Kelly
Geoffrey Michael Kennedy
Ally Kovalchik
Kenyetta Lethridge
Carrington MacDuffie
Camille Mana
Mickey Maxwell
CJ McBath
Dan Millstein
Andrea Odinov
Anthony Petaros
Aviva Pressman
Michael Profunato
Monica Quinn
Chelsea Reba
Shoshi Rosen
Michael Rubenstone
Deborah Sale-Butler
Brenton Schraff
Sarah Skeeters
Kristen Smith
Erin Spencer
John Stiens
Stephen Sullivan
Kelsey Walmer
Ruth Wilhoit
John Wuchte