The Agency With A Manager's Touch...

90210 Talent Agency began in February 2008 with a primary focus on representation of fashion and fitness models. Today, we represent some of the hardest working rising talent this industry has to offer in the areas of Film/TV (Theatrical), Commercial, Print, Voice Over (VO), Literary, Comedy, and Production. We take pride in the talent we represent and work together to make lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with not only the clients, but also those who provide us all with opportunities to grow in all of our careers. An agency is only as good as it's staff, the talent it represents and the work ethic that we are all known for.

At 90210 Talent, our motto is 'work begets work!!" Hustle is our way of life!!

Theo Caesar, Head of Agency & Theatrical Dept

Bronx, NY native Theo Caesar began his career as a professional actor at the age of 10. From his first commercial, which was filmed in the original office of MTV in the 80s, to his first feature film role in "Police Academy 3", it was obvious that there was a positive chemistry between young Teddy Abner and the entertainment world. Theo left NYC and acting to pursue a career in music writing, production and performing in Hampton Roads, VA. Through recording, mixing and engineering, he caught the attention of Studio Center and signed with them as a VO talent from 2005 - 2011. Upon moving to Los Angeles and returning to the Film/TV industry in 2007, Theo found himself working in casting of principal and background actors as opposed to acting. Theo became Managing Partner and Head Of Agency in 2009. He is currently Senior Agent at 90210 Talent. Theo quote "I decided not to be an actor so I could educate, protect and be an advocate for actors. For that reason, I look to represent people that give me the passion and confidence I would have walking into the rooms myself. Every actor needs someone with a fire for them picking up the phone, submitting and sending emails out to the world. They need to be the first to set the example themselves. Once an actor with a good product begins this process of doing the work and spreading the word, others have no choice but to take notice and add on to the momentum" 

Lisa Martel, Head of Voice Department/Theatrical Agent

In her younger years, Lisa Martel loved acting. Lisa attended Syracuse University's Newhouse School of Communications for a degree in Radio/TV Journalism.  She still loved acting, but chose to focus on writing for many years. After college she moved to New York City and began a long career in marketing, helping to start up 2 technology companies.  When one of those companies grew quite large and was acquired by a tech conglomerate in 1995, Lisa struck out on her own as a marketing consultant, helping a diverse group of business clients with their market strategies and communications. After her move to Los Angeles in 2001, she continued to do freelance marketing work. In 2006, Lisa called a very big "do over" and jumped back into a more creative life returning to her first love of acting and adding stand-up comedian, producer and voice-over artist to her resume. In 2012, she had the opportunity to learn about the agency business, which combined her business and marketing background with her love for the creative arts.  Today, Lisa is a full-time theatrical agent and the head of the voice-over department with 90210 Talent.

Alan Coto, Head of Commercial - Los Angeles

Alan exudes his own personal brand of empowerment for his actors and looks to build a championship caliber roster to bring home his own brand of upper echelon material through his clients.  Growing up he was told to pursue his dreams and follow his passion for comedy.  Almost a decade ago he sought out the journey of acting.  Alan has found his roots again in reuniting with Theo Casear so he can finally forge his prowess of education; along with 100 percent dedication and his vast knowledge of the industry from the actor’s point of view there is no limit for greatness.  He is a warrior for his clients and expects nothing less from his actors.  His new vision will create a lasting impression in the industry at 90210 Talent.  He appreciates actors that follow direction clearly whether it's on the business end or the creative portion of this endeavor.  His roster is limited to talent that bring experienced savvy to the table, instincts and know how to execute.  Actors in his stable are forward quick thinkers, knowledgeable on current classes, practices, hungry and above all: add streamlined value to the organization. They are focused solely on booking the job and are completely committed to the process.