David Proffitt

Union(s): SAG/AFTRA
Available Locations: Los Angeles
Primary Agent(s):
Theo Caesar (Theatrical)   
Alan Coto (Commercial)   


General Hospital Principle Dir: Gary Tomlin
Days of our lives Principle Dir: Scott Mckinsey
The Millers Costar Dir: James Burrows
Veep Costar Dir: Becky Martin
SWAT Costar Dir: Ben Bray


Kevin Hart's What Now Supporting Dir: Leslie Small
Girltrip Supporting Dir: Catherine Black
Descendant Supporting Dir: Bobby Glickert


MK5 Sealion Trainer
Lesly Kahn Comedy Intensive
Technique Clinique
10th Mountain Division
UNC Honorguard
Army Infantry Veteran
Arnold Chon Stunt Fighting
Killians Commerical
Groundlings Workshop A
Ivanna Chubbuck Advanced
Michael Woolson Advanced
Navy Marine Mammal Program